Dare2Trip - Top 10 Destinations For 2019

Dare2Trip - Top 10 Destinations For 2019

1. West Coast of the USA - The Ultimate Road Trip Destination

“As far as I'm concerned, the West Coast of the United States is still the ultimate road trip destination. An old classic, but one that you must have done once. This was the route we did. It was a really great trip, with horse riding in Yosemite National Park, the sunset in Death Valley, kayaking on Lake Tahoe, cycling over Golden Gate Bridge, whale watching at San Diego and a day at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. Could not be better.

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You go through nature parks in a week or three, from desert to snow-covered peaks, and visit amazing cities such as Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego. There is so much variety, the route is so beautiful, and you will definitely experience that ultimate road trip feeling of freedom. ”

2. Wales - The Freedom Land

"Road tripping is one of my favorite forms of vacation. The feeling of ultimate freedom and you can get to so many places with it! The best road trip destination depends on many (personal) factors, but as far as I'm concerned, Wales is very successful. You can go here drive from the Netherlands, or first fly to Cardiff and then set off by rental car, and if you still have to overcome the 'wrong side of the road', why not take the 'wrong side of the car' straight away? incidentally, makes driving a lot clearer.

roadtrip walesIn Wales, three routes have been mapped out especially for road trippers. The so-called 'Wales Way' takes you to the heart of Wales, along the coast and connects all the highlights. Along the way you will pass national parks such as Brecon Beacons near Cardiff, Pembrokeshire on the rugged coast and the famous Snowdonia with the beautiful mountains. This road trip also takes you to picturesque villages, 641 castles and expansive views. Do it The Wales Way, or as they like to say "Going Igam Ogam" (which means as much as do it zigzagging). "

3. Madagascar - The Eighth Continent

 Madagascar is also called the eighth continent and that has everything to do with the special ecology. The island is a small world: you have rainforest, desert, rice fields, beautiful beaches and spectacular rock formations. During a road trip you see the landscape change every hour and that is really very special to experience. You wake up in the morning in the jungle and in the evening you fall asleep in the desert.

road trip destination madagascar

It is best to plan your route along a number of national parks, because you will encounter unique animals and plants there. Madagascar is also pretty adventurous, especially if you're going to tour an old Renault 4 like me. ”

Make the right preparations if you are traveling by car for a longer period of time. Do not only ensure a full tank, but also check all fluids (oil, coolant, brake and wiper fluid) and the tire pressure in advance. Don't forget to check your spare tire and / or the tire repair kit. Furthermore, handy to have on board: a jack, first aid kit, safety vest, food, enough water and a street book in case your navigation or telephone leaves you.

4. Australia - Combining Uniqueness and Nature

 Australia is huge, but don't let this put you off if you can only take a short break. Of course you cannot view the entire country, but you can check off a lot of highlights in three weeks, if you choose the right route. Combine city and nature by slowly starting to descend to the south in Sydney. After a few days in the city, for example, you will drive to the Blue Mountains in an hour and a half, with views that you say 'you' to.

road trip destination australia

You will get even more natural beauty in Wilsons Promontory, Philip Island, the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians. Expect dozens of wallabies and kangaroos, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, beautiful views, koalas and mini penguins. And what better way to end your road trip after all that natural disasters in that other cool Australian city, Melbourne? ”

5. Western Canada - The Mountains Country

"In my opinion, Canada is a must for 2019. I described a beautiful route for the west of the country in my book Backpack Destinations . The route runs from Vancouver through all sorts of special nature areas to Edmonton. Along the way you see spectacular waterfalls chance to see bears, you can zip line in the mountains and there are overwhelming bright blue glacial lakes that seem almost extraterrestrial because of the color. you can stay overnight with a car and in hotels. "

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6. Jordan - The Wonderous Journey To Petra

“The road trip destination of 2019! Last year we visited the most beautiful highlights of Jordan in one week. We drove along the beautiful King's Highway and we visited the old city of Jerash. We slept in the middle of the Wadi Rum desert, floated in the Dead Sea and visited the impressive world wonder Petra. Jordan is a beautiful country with a very friendly population. View here the route we have taken ".

road trip destination jordan

7. New Zealand - The Landscape Trip

"New Zealand is the road trip destination of 2019 for me, although of course it is not within reach for everyone in terms of budget and time. But if you make time for it, it is such a nice destination to travel on with a You leave the city behind and drive through the hilly landscape full of sheep past mountains, fjords and rainforest.

road trip destination new zealand

Although it takes some getting used to driving on the left in New Zealand, there is little traffic outside the cities. So you can drive nice and relaxed. The two islands of New Zealand are so diverse that an 'Oeh' and 'Ah' moment comes every time. From rain forests and rugged coastlines to snow-capped peaks and Emerald-green lakes. The land is also arranged for camping with your camper or tent, so you always sleep in the vicinity of a beautiful spot! "Curious? You can check the Evelyn route here .

8. Finnish Lapland - The High North

"Fancy a relaxing road trip where you are surrounded by pine forests and share the road with reindeer instead of other cars? Then you should definitely go to Finnish Lapland in the summer! The high north is becoming increasingly popular as a road trip destination, and that is not without reason: in winter this region is almost impassable because of the cold and snow, but in the summer months it is completely different.

road trip destination Finland

Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes, but in reality there are 188,000. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and water sports enthusiasts. You can read more about this in this blog . The country is dominated by water, but you will also encounter moose and reindeer along the way. Want to see the Northern Lights? Then travel to this special destination from September onwards. "

9. Dominican Republic - Adventure From Another World

"Are you looking for a unique destination full of adventure? As far as I'm concerned, the Dominican Republic is the road trip destination of 2019! This country in the Caribbean is known as an all-inclusive destination, but is so much more than that. I therefore recommend you to stay far away from the tourist resorts, rent a car and really get to know the country.

road trip destination dominican republic

The Dominican Republic is authentic and has a rough edge. Start in the temperamental capital of Santo Domingo, the first city ever established on the American continent. Then drive along deserted bays, camp on the beach on the border with Haiti, drink Pina Colada from a pineapple and zipline through the steaming jungle. Did you know that you can also spot flamingos, dolphins and even whales? Yes, the country has stolen my heart! "

10. More road trip tips: Balkans, Morocco, Portugal, Sardinia

A road trip through the Balkans is also recommended, says Milou from Explorista.  This route of about three weeks takes you past many special, undiscovered parts of Europe. One of my favorites!"

Don't feel like flying long, but you do think you are in a totally different world, then Morocco is a good option. Stéphanie made a road trip along the Royal Cities and the Atlas Mountains. “That was so incredibly beautiful. I've never put the car aside so often to take a picture. Morocco is also not very expensive, the roads are good and you do not need a large (rental) car. ”

road trip destination morocco

Another destination close to home is Portugal. Roëll, WeAreTravellers: “On the mainland you can take a really cool road trip from north to south and thus do all kinds of highlights. You can also extend your trip with a trip to the Azores archipelago . There you can also do very good road tripping and you will find beautiful nature. ”

If there is one European country that is reminiscent of a tropical island, it is Sardinia . Bianca, Food Travel Photography: "Wooded mountain areas, authentic villages, wild nature combined with azure blue water, white beaches and a wonderful Italian culture. It is clear that the island is ideal for a road trip. From the winding roads through the interior and along cliffs along the coast you will never get enough. Make sure you don't miss the Costa Smeralda, Alghero and Castelsardo! "

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